Bill Farmer Gallery

  • In this article Maureen O’Halloran Clark showcased some pictures of the old Rare Book Room in the Omaha location here.
  • In the comments section of this blog Tom is refered to as a "mensch" and Orson Wells does a voice over in a video shot in the Omaha location.
  • It's nice to see some young people showing up at the store in a video by zidmon54 shot at the Brownville location.
  • Another video but of the Omaha store shot and narrated by oed.
  • A self proclaimed geek has found the right mix of verbage and seductive photo's detailing a visit to the Brownville Antiquarium on Hoarr.
  • An older article with some repeat information on the history of the store, but includes a a brief view of a power house in the indie music scene of Omaha - Dave Sink. See it at the Daily Nebraskan.  
  • The love of Bill Farmers life - Marge.  This article from The Reader has a few links on it also.
  • This photo by teamosa is of the old Rare Book Room in Omaha.  There are also a few other nice shots of the books there in this "set" .
  • I threw this in just for the heck of it - find out about the "King Of Books" Richard Booth and view his stores website.
  • For more information about Brownville go to